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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Dec 15, 2016)
hey kinnies check out the news section for a letter from me regarding the future of the kin<3
(Aug 05, 2016)
Hey guys getting things sorted here at home just got offered a new job so getting ready to start this new chapter in my life. Thinking of every one like always <33
(Jul 19, 2016)
I hope everyone is having a great day and can get in okay after the update =D see yall in game soon
(Jul 06, 2016)
CANT WAIT LIND!!! looks like alot of fun
(Jul 05, 2016)
Saturday @ 9 pm server time, Evi of Immortal Souls will be hosting a run for the new 12 man raid, come one, come all!
(Jul 04, 2016)
Hello everyone! I havent forgotten about you guys im just reinstalling my client. Ill be in TS tonight if anyone wants to catch up
(Jun 19, 2016)
happy Daddy's day to you too hun! and to all the fathers out there! <3
(Jun 19, 2016)
Happy Father's Day!
(Jun 14, 2016)
Congratulations to our newest WoLF officer Jarandir! good to have you on the team hun
(Jun 06, 2016)
aww thanks Lind!! I do too! my fave so far
(Jun 04, 2016)
Like the new background, awesome!
(Jun 02, 2016)
For sure Serenity =) Now sing at the same time =) ^v^
(Jun 02, 2016)
I can rub my belly and tap my head at the same time, does that count?? :B
(Jun 02, 2016)
Hey Y'all if you wish to be a guild crafter email me in game with your various talents =) ^v^ xx
(May 31, 2016)
Thank you, Ard, it is great to be back, looking forward to working with you to make our alliance even better!
(May 30, 2016)
Hey Lindrad!!! So good to have you back with us<3
(May 29, 2016)
Hey WOLF! Just a heads up to let you guys know that I am back as leader of Immortal Souls. Hope to see you all in game soon!
(May 24, 2016)
Awww I hope you feel better dear =) Honey & lemon and hawt water =)
(May 24, 2016)
Hey kinnies. Sorry for my absence the past 2 days I have a very nasty cold. Off to the doctor for this lady. See y'all tonigjt
(May 18, 2016)
Welcome to all our New Folks!! =) xx