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Update 18.2 Beta #1 Release Notes & Known Issues - PRELIMINARY AND NON-FINAL - BULLROARER ONLY (PER LOTRO FORUMS)

Arderien / Jun 15, 2016
Update 18.2 Beta #1 Release Notes & Known Issues - PRELIMINARY AND NON-FINAL - BULLROARER ONLY

Please join us this week for an early preview of Update 18.2. We welcome your feedback and would particularly appreciate feedback on the new 12-person Raid - Throne of the Dread Terror.

The following release notes are for the Bullroarer public test server only and may not reflect the final list of changes or updates included at release.
These notes are not final and should be viewed as a work in progress and subject to change.

1.The Eyes and Guard Tavern is open!
2.The Bullroarer character database has been wiped. You can re-copy your live characters using the transfer wizard on your live launcher.
3.The final boss in the Raid has not been fully implemented. Trash mobs in the raid also are not complete.
4.German and French localization has not been completed for U18.2 content and features.

Important Note: Please be aware that the build you are seeing here is a work in progress and is by no means the finished Update 18.2 product. There are items that are not yet complete. There may also be items missing from this initial list, this is not intentional and will be added as we progress.

The Enemy's grip tightens on the defenders of Gondor as Gothmog seizes control of the armies of Mordor. Marching from the gates of Osgiliath, foes pour into the Pelennor Fields with a renewed vigour. In the wake of the Witch-king's defeat, vile sorcery looms over the field as the most powerful allies of the Dread Terror are summoned forth. If Gothmog spoke true of the fate he shares with Golodir, can victory yet be found?
Level 105 characters can use the Instance Finder Specific tab to access our new 12-person Raid: Throne of the Dread Terror. This raid is only available to capped characters and can be run at tier 1 or tier 2 difficulty. On tier 1, this raid has no raid locks. On tier 2, raid locks will be applied to your group with every boss defeat.

Our LOTRO architects have been experimenting with ways to add housing hooks to our existing housing system. Note - as of this morning (6/15/2016), Kinships can temporarily purchase a house at rank 1 on Bullroarer. You can find one test house of each type to check out the results:

5 Haven Way - Standard
7 Haven Way - Deluxe
8 Haven Way - Kinship


1 Stonemirk Street - Standard
4 Stonemirk Street - Deluxe
5 Roaring Road - Kinship


3 Myrtle Court - Standard
6 Myrtle Court - Deluxe
4 Myrtle Court - Kinship


3 Long Street - Standard
6 Long Street - Deluxe
5 Long Street - Kinship

There is a new Stable-Masters Collection which displays all Stable-Masters on a map of Middle-earth. This feature is not yet complete and polished, but you can check it out in the Collections Panel. There are several known issues: collection icon is placeholder, many destination names are truncated; Nan Tornaeth, High Crag, and North Trollshaws stablemaster points are not filtering out correctly, Amon Raith takes you to Othrikar and vice versa.

Imbued legacy tiers have been extended by 15 levels (10 for the main legacy (dps/healing)). Legacies will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default, and 10 that can be unlocked with scrolls of empowerment. Main legacy will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default, and 5 tiers that can be unlocked with star-lit crystals.

•Guardian Radiate bleeds should do the correct amount of damage.
•All Minstrels gain Rally! at level 45 with a cooldown of 12.5 minutes. - If your copied Minstrel lacks the Rally! skill, talk to any Minstrel trainer to acquire the skill.
•The Blue-line trait brings that cooldown back down to its original 7min 30s.
•Minstrels will have all their class trait points reset at login.
•The Burglar deed Resistance is Futile now advances when you hit with Riddle or Trick Removal skills, rather than when those skills are resisted.
•Characters of level 95 and above can no longer gain Inspired Greatness.

•The three balance effects that increase the power of all Tier 2 instance mobs are now visible. These effects have always existed, but they have been invisible until now.
•The Silent Street - Redeemer of the Cursed Line - You will no longer fail the Silent Street challenge (or complete it without getting the chest) if your party wipes before the Gloom summons Earnil and Mardil. However, once you engage them for the first time, the challenge will fail if you do not complete it on that attempt.
•Featured Instances - Ost Elendil has been replaced by Dungeons of Dol Guldur, Inn of the Forsaken has been replaced by Stoneheight, and Ost Dunhoth Wound & Fear has been replaced by Helegrod Drake Wing. Featured Instance armour and jewellery have been removed from Featured Instance challenge chests.
•You can now barter Long-lost Coins for Featured Instance Jewellery.

Quests and Landscape:
•Norcrofts - Quest Wild Horses is fixed
•Relic / forge masters have finally reported for duty in the Hobbit housing neighbourhood.
•Fixed some pathing for NPCs on the Field of Onslaught.
•Removed the leftover invisible Reflecting Pool in Minas Tirith Besieged, since it wasn't supposed to be there.
•The stablemaster will once again allow you to travel from Bar Hurin.
•Eriador has newly added frills. You can turn frills on and off in your advanced graphics options panel. This includes all kinds of ground-cover (grasses, reeds, wildflowers, etc).
•Summer Festival - Players can now travel easily to the party tree from a summer festival waypoint placed at each of the race's starting areas; Players can now travel easily between the Eating Contest, Keg Races, Party Tree, and Thorin's Hall.

•VIPs can now access 20 more Wardrobe slots than non-VIPs (meaning they can get to a higher maximum - NOTE - this is not yet enabled on Bullroarer as it requires a Preview Store update).
•Eyes & Guard Tavern: Players can now skip Epic Volume IV Books 5 and 6, as well as the 'Wrath and Ruin' quest chain.


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