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Upcoming Events!!!

Arderien / Nov 04, 2015
Hey guys! Just a reminder if you want to run something in game please let us know. We are currently in the process of getting some good events scheduled for everyone. I have been thinking of doing another of the kinship Arderien hunts like we did last time. I know its only november (not even thanksgiving yet) but i have been thinking of getting together a little kinship "Secret Santa" if anyone would be interested. Also wanting to get a few raids/bigger instances going with our alliance kinships =) If you guys have anything you would like to run PLEASE feel free to either an officer or myself a message and we will do our best to organize it for you! On a side note be sure to check out the kinhouse chest if you need anything for yourself or an alt in kin. =) You can even post items you dont need in the kinship Auctions if you can't make it to the kinhouse.

I hope everyone is enjoying their time with us in middle earth! =) Thank you to each and every one of you for sticking by our side and making the ingame experience that much more enjoyable! <3

<3 Arderien


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