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Arderien / Dec 15, 2016
My dearest kinnies and friends after very careful consideration and much discussion. I have decided that it would be in everyone's best interest to Disband Warriors of living force. I am sorry for the inconvienience and i will miss every single one of you. PLEASE feel free to keep in contact and enjoy your time here in middle earth. I would like to take this time to thank each and everyone of you for the continued outpour of love and support through the ups and downs over the past almost 2 years this kin has been active. Thanks for making time in middle earth so enjoyable. With that being said at this time I will be moving my main toon Arderien to Immortal Souls in order to take some much needed relaxation. any who wish to follow will be welcomed with open arms by Lindrad and his team of officers. they are long time friends and have helped so much in helping to make this kin the success that it was. thank you for taking the time to read this mail and for everything over the past 2 years.

<3 Arderien
Arderien / Jul 18, 2016
News and Notes

Ambient house music no longer stacks on top of itself.

The Ruined City - Fixed an issue that could cause players to be unable to enter the final boss room.

Adjusted some "frills" including tall grass and trees.
Chopped down a tree that was blocking the bridge near the warg-pens in Pren Gwydh (Dunland).

Stable-master Collection:
Fixed an issue that prevented travel and show map buttons from working correctly.
Fixed Area and Region labels.
The Stable-master map button is now shown in interior spaces.
Wulf's Cleft Overlook can now be discovered.
Byre Tor is no longer labeled as Walstow.

Arderien / Jun 15, 2016
Update 18.2 Beta #1 Release Notes & Known Issues - PRELIMINARY AND NON-FINAL - BULLROARER ONLY

Please join us this week for an early preview of Update 18.2. We welcome your feedback and would particularly appreciate feedback on the new 12-person Raid - Throne of the Dread Terror.

The following release notes are for the Bullroarer public test server only and may not reflect the final list of changes or updates included at release.
These notes are not final and should be viewed as a work in progress and subject to change.

1.The Eyes and Guard Tavern is open!
2.The Bullroarer character database has been wiped. You can re-copy your live characters using the transfer wizard on your live launcher.
3.The final boss in the Raid has not been fully implemented. Trash mobs in the raid also are not complete.
4.German and French localization has not been completed for U18.2 content and features.

Important Note: Please be aware that the build you are seeing here is a work in progress and is by no means the finished Update 18.2 product. There are items that are not yet complete. There may also be items missing from this initial list, this is not intentional and will be added as we progress.

The Enemy's grip tightens on the defenders of Gondor as Gothmog seizes control of the armies of Mordor. Marching from the gates of Osgiliath, foes pour into the Pelennor Fields with a renewed vigour. In the wake of the Witch-king's defeat, vile sorcery looms over the field as the most powerful allies of the Dread Terror are summoned forth. If Gothmog spoke true of the fate he shares with Golodir, can victory yet be found?
Level 105 characters can use the Instance Finder Specific tab to access our new 12-person Raid: Throne of the Dread Terror. This raid is only available to capped characters and can be run at tier 1 or tier 2 difficulty. On tier 1, this raid has no raid locks. On tier 2, raid locks will be applied to your group with every boss defeat.

Our LOTRO architects have been experimenting with ways to add housing hooks to our existing housing system. Note - as of this morning (6/15/2016), Kinships can temporarily purchase a house at rank 1 on Bullroarer. You can find one test house of each type to check out the results:

5 Haven Way - Standard
7 Haven Way - Deluxe
8 Haven Way - Kinship


1 Stonemirk Street - Standard
4 Stonemirk Street - Deluxe
5 Roaring Road - Kinship


3 Myrtle Court - Standard
6 Myrtle Court - Deluxe
4 Myrtle Court - Kinship


3 Long Street - Standard
6 Long Street - Deluxe
5 Long Street - Kinship

There is a new Stable-Masters Collection which displays all Stable-Masters on a map of Middle-earth. This feature is not yet complete and polished, but you can check it out in the Collections Panel. There are several known issues: collection icon is placeholder, many destination names are truncated; Nan Tornaeth, High Crag, and North Trollshaws stablemaster points are not filtering out correctly, Amon Raith takes you to Othrikar and vice versa.

Imbued legacy tiers have been extended by 15 levels (10 for the main legacy (dps/healing)). Legacies will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default, and 10 that can be unlocked with scrolls of empowerment. Main legacy will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default, and 5 tiers that can be unlocked with star-lit crystals.

•Guardian Radiate bleeds should do the correct amount of damage.
•All Minstrels gain Rally! at level 45 with a cooldown of 12.5 minutes. - If your copied Minstrel lacks the Rally! skill, talk to any Minstrel trainer to acquire the skill.
•The Blue-line trait brings that cooldown back down to its original 7min 30s.
•Minstrels will have all their class trait points reset at login.
•The Burglar deed Resistance is Futile now advances when you hit with Riddle or Trick Removal skills, rather than when those skills are resisted.
•Characters of level 95 and above can no longer gain Inspired Greatness.

•The three balance effects that increase the power of all Tier 2 instance mobs are now visible. These effects have always existed, but they have been invisible until now.
•The Silent Street - Redeemer of the Cursed Line - You will no longer fail the Silent Street challenge (or complete it without getting the chest) if your party wipes before the Gloom summons Earnil and Mardil. However, once you engage them for the first time, the challenge will fail if you do not complete it on that attempt.
•Featured Instances - Ost Elendil has been replaced by Dungeons of Dol Guldur, Inn of the Forsaken has been replaced by Stoneheight, and Ost Dunhoth Wound & Fear has been replaced by Helegrod Drake Wing. Featured Instance armour and jewellery have been removed from Featured Instance challenge chests.
•You can now barter Long-lost Coins for Featured Instance Jewellery.

Quests and Landscape:
•Norcrofts - Quest Wild Horses is fixed
•Relic / forge masters have finally reported for duty in the Hobbit housing neighbourhood.
•Fixed some pathing for NPCs on the Field of Onslaught.
•Removed the leftover invisible Reflecting Pool in Minas Tirith Besieged, since it wasn't supposed to be there.
•The stablemaster will once again allow you to travel from Bar Hurin.
•Eriador has newly added frills. You can turn frills on and off in your advanced graphics options panel. This includes all kinds of ground-cover (grasses, reeds, wildflowers, etc).
•Summer Festival - Players can now travel easily to the party tree from a summer festival waypoint placed at each of the race's starting areas; Players can now travel easily between the Eating Contest, Keg Races, Party Tree, and Thorin's Hall.

•VIPs can now access 20 more Wardrobe slots than non-VIPs (meaning they can get to a higher maximum - NOTE - this is not yet enabled on Bullroarer as it requires a Preview Store update).
•Eyes & Guard Tavern: Players can now skip Epic Volume IV Books 5 and 6, as well as the 'Wrath and Ruin' quest chain.
Arderien / Jun 08, 2016
Good Morning Kinnies! As I am sure you will notice when you log in game Spring Festival has begun! Now through June 23rd there are alot of cool events to take part in! My favorite is the mazeeeeee. Hoping to see everyone in game! Be sure to check out the festivities while you can! Full details can be found at the link below.

Also just a reminder to everyone there will be a alliance raid this Saturday June 11th at 2:00 PM EST! After the run Immortal Souls will be hosting a Bree land hide and seek event!!! Prizes will be handed out and lots of fun to be had for all! I hope to see a good number of WoLFs there!

Keep Howling!

<3 Arderien
Arderien / May 16, 2016
Release Notes:
Quests and landscape

An Uruk raiding party spotted in the Beacon-hills is searching for the Rohirrim!
The Ghûrdhos' numbers are now stronger in the eastern Druadain Forest where they have taken over a glade of Wose statues!
Elite monsters / bosses in Far Anorien may now drop Wose Carvings or Gondorian Polished Marbles rep barter items.
Increased Iron Coin count to all Westemnet warbands and added coins to Eorlingas and Helmingas tasks.
A swift horse has been added from Galtrev to Nan Curunir, for people who have completed "Bringing Hope to the Hopeless".
The defeat amounts for many of the landscape slayer deeds in Gondor have been lowered to more reasonable numbers.
The defeat amounts for many of the landscape slayer deeds in Rhovanion have been lowered to more reasonable numbers.
The defeat amounts for many of the landscape slayer deeds in Eriador have been lowered to more reasonable numbers.
Reminded Legolas of the proper way to hold his bow in IV.2.9, 'Even in Darkness'.
The Far Anorien Reflecting Pool has been moved to the milestone near Dru Bhuta, where it should be more convenient.
Fixed several small polish issues with the Sons of Ost Rimmon quest arc in the Beacon Hills. There is now a correct quest marker on the cellar in Bar Nadhron. Jarl Akhiz is also always properly scaled and always speaks in the correct voice. Gondrad will no longer hang around outside of Bar Nadhron when he shouldn't be.
Fixed the letter involved in 'A Message from Stangard' in the Wailing Hills so it'll appear at the right time.
Added a Bingo Reflecting Pool (called 'Bingo's Notes') to the bedside table in Boffin Manor. You'll need access to his home to use it (so Week 04 and after), and it'll let you replay all of the Bingo instances you've previously completed.
Added a Far Anórien Reflecting Pool to the south-eastern end of the Stonewain Valley. This Pool can be used to replay instances from Far Anórien, and also to replay the Epic instances from Books 5 and 6.
The fallen banner in IV.6.2, 'Death Comes for All,' is now more easily selectable.
Aragorn and Legolas had some confusion about what clothes to wear to Pelennor. They've sorted it all out now, and their Rohirric garb has been put back into storage.
There are now sparkling interactable objects for the Strange Tracks in IV.5.2, 'Ride Swift and Sure,' and they are much easier to see and to click on.
Added Steed XP rewards to quests where Bingo is in Rohan.
Adjusted some positioning of the characters involved in IV.6.7, 'A Final Vengeance'.
The hotspot for Bingo Week 38, 'The Tracker,' is now significantly larger, and Keen-eyed Lookouts have taken up residence in some of the towers; they might have seen something that will help guide you to the right location.
Forge-Master's Horn can now be used in the Osgiliath Culverts campsite.
Minas Tirith
A Wager: Rot in the Gut now correctly recognizes when you're standing on top of the barrel.
Landath will now keep his feet firmly planted on the ground regardless of quest state.

In the Beacon Hills
Some floating tools and horse tracks have come to ground.
An objective for the Tomb at Halifirien will no longer show "Completed" when you wander from the tomb.
Fixed Togbor's and Lacheg's appearances in spots where they weren't right.
A helm for the straw men in Ost Rimmon was fished out of the forge slag and placed neatly on a nearby bench.
Now Sithgar will remain in Ost Rimmon to talk to you if you try to complete A Gift Gone Astray out of order (i.e. you've already helped Sithgar in Ost Rimmon).

Combat and Classes

The Guardian trait Thrill of Battle now has an internal cooldown of 20 seconds.
The Guardian trait Radiate now only spreads marks and bleeds 30% of the time.
Anórien Burglar signals have been significantly improved. They now grant more stats, and they give a new stat: Avoidance Penetration. This stat effectively bypasses part of the enemy's Block, Parry, and Evade ratings.
Hunter and Warden travel skills have been added to the Riders of Rohan rep barter in Far Anorien.

Instances and Skirmishes

You can now swap your unwanted Featured Instance class gear (including gear for other classes) to get gear for your class from the same instance. For example: If a Minstrel gets a Beorning chest piece from the Ost Dunhoth challenge chest, then can trade in that chest piece with some Long-lost Coins to get the Minstrel boots that drop from Ost Dunhoth. Since Sammath Gûl also drops the chest piece, that Minstrel can exchange the chest piece for the Minstrel gloves that drop from Sammath Gûl.
You can now swap your unwanted Pelennor Instance class gear (including gear for other classes) to get gear for your class from the same instance.
Skirmish - Survival: Barrow Downs - Beornings can now contribute to the Strength in Diversity deeds.
Blood of the Black Serpent - If Jarl Dauthar travels too close to the entrance of his arena, he will now reset instead of being stuck behind an invisible wall upon retreat.
Blood of the Black Serpent - The Princes should no longer be individually lootable.
Silent Street - If the Gloom of Nurn travels too close to the smoke barrier, he will now reset instead of being stuck behind the wall upon retreat.
Blood of the Black Serpent - The deed for completing the Challenge should now properly complete when you finish the Challenge quest.
The Quays of the Harlond - fixed issue where the Mumak fight sometimes gets stuck in drama.
Ruined City: several glitches that might let you escape the clutches of Jukotor and Thrug have been closed up.
Featured Instance challenge chest armour drops should now match the armour pieces that are awarded by the coloured boxes given by that featured instance.


The Hooded Cloak of Many Worlds now has its proper name again.
Hobnanigans - fixed issue where sometimes players will not reward extra tokens for winning a Hobnanigans game.
Scaling legendary items will no longer have a minimum level over level 100.
New Rohirric housing items have appeared at the Riders of Rohan rep bater in Far Anorien -- must be Kindred to buy them.
Relic / forge masters have been placed in elf, dwarf, and human housing neighbourhoods. The hobbit neighbourhood forge-masters are not yet available, as they are still finishing elevenses.
Hobby-horse - You can now ride your hobby-horse in Dol Amroth and Minas Tirth in Gondor / the speed and durability of the hobby-horse has been lessened.

Known Issue:
Wardrobe - Items using only newer dyes will not display in the wardrobe unless you filter by colour. This affects the following dyes: Belegaer Blue Dye, Bullroarer's Green Dye, Dark Clay Dye, Dark Mossy Green Dye, Imladris Fallen Leaf Dye, Lavender Dye, Moria Silver Dye, Lórien Gold Dye, Rohan Green Dye, Shire Peach Dye, Shire-plum Dye, Sunset Orange Dye, Deep Purple Dye, Ashenslades Green Dye.
Arderien / May 11, 2016
Hellio dearest kinnies! Just a reminder that our alliance Costume party will be THIS SATURDAY May 14th 2016 at 6:00PM (18:00) EST. We will be hosting the party at OUR kin house so come one, come all and join in the fun! Pipeweed, Fireworks, Drinks and fun will be provided. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the company of your friends/allies! Wear your funniest or best costumes and join in the contest/fashion show. I am expecting a good turn out!! I hope to see you all there

<3 Arderien
Arderien / Nov 04, 2015
Hey guys! Just a reminder if you want to run something in game please let us know. We are currently in the process of getting some good events scheduled for everyone. I have been thinking of doing another of the kinship Arderien hunts like we did last time. I know its only november (not even thanksgiving yet) but i have been thinking of getting together a little kinship "Secret Santa" if anyone would be interested. Also wanting to get a few raids/bigger instances going with our alliance kinships =) If you guys have anything you would like to run PLEASE feel free to either an officer or myself a message and we will do our best to organize it for you! On a side note be sure to check out the kinhouse chest if you need anything for yourself or an alt in kin. =) You can even post items you dont need in the kinship Auctions if you can't make it to the kinhouse.

I hope everyone is enjoying their time with us in middle earth! =) Thank you to each and every one of you for sticking by our side and making the ingame experience that much more enjoyable! <3

<3 Arderien