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Nick Name: Lilly
Gender: Female
Country: United States of America
State/Province: New York

I'm Putanaia! You may have seen people call me Lilly in the kinship and in the alliance. If you see Leilideth or Lilydeth roaming middle earth just give me a hug ^_^.

A little about me? Hmmm... I love long walks through the Moria, swimming on Evendim shores, killing orcs... EVERYWHERE and hugs... Lots and lots of hugs. My papa is papa Elrond. I was born in Rivendell and sent to be raised in Lothlorien with auntie Galandriel at the young age of 37. I'm the youngest of 57 so it's a bit tough proving to your family how awesome you are so they won't send you out to that dreadful Undying Land. At the young age of 105 I was sent to live with mean uncle Thranduil where I met cousin Legolas. Handsome as he is he's a bit annoying but is none other than, my hero. There he taught me to roam the dangerous realm of Mirkwood and taught me to use my bow. After 57 years of living with uncle, he grew annoyed of mine and Legolas' mischiveous ways so he gave us the freedom to leave the realm as we please. We packed our yummy Lembas, bows, arrows and potions and went on our merrily way west. We haven't returned since. Our time has been occupied with helping Middle Earth Survive against unnamed, men, beasts and ancient evil. Our journey continues...

In my spare time when I'm not stabbing some nasty icky Orc in the eye or smacking a rude dwarf for trying to grab my tushy, you can find me either hanging in Bree town drinking Barliman Butterbur's delicious beer, smoking some of the finest pipeweed in the South Bree area, deeding through middle earth or at home in Thorins homesteads. If you ever need my help with anything please feel free to ask. I'm super friendly and hardly ever say no.

Happy Lotroing!
~Lilly <3
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~Lilly <3