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[Pinned] Guild Cooking Cheat Sheet (partial)

I made this before I decided to give up on cooking. I hope it helps someone build cooking rep. (v=vendor)Expert Small:1. Bowl of Hearty Stock [Green Onion (Expert Crop Seed, Bucket of Water, Handful of Fertilizer), Lamb Kidney (v), Bottle of Wate...
Small Krelthor 2y
Krelthor3241Small Arderien 2y

Sweet Spot For Barrow Iron, Silver, and Ash

I thought I would post a favorite spot to mine Barrow Iron and Silver. The Ash resources are not too bad either. This area is up the side of a mountain, a named human sometimes spawns in this area.If you know of some good spots for the higher le...
Small Valdgeir 3y
Valdgeir6539Small Royalle 2y
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