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#12025569 Feb 03, 2016 at 12:27 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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Hey guys Ard here!<3

After seeing what an AWESOME little guide Gresco threw together for his beorning tank I figured it is about time i do one for my DPS spec'd hunter. =)

As with any game there is no RIGHT OR WRONG way of spec'ing any toon. As long as YOU are happy with your gear and the way YOU play YOUR toons you are good to go ;).
So with that being said here is how I spec/play MY hunter. Please feel free to ask questions/leave comments below if you feel as though I have left out anything ;)

My hunter is by NO MEANS complete. I am currently working on farming essences (supremes) for the NEW AND IMPROVED Level 105 Gear =D. With that being said let's get started ;) I am a RED spec'd DPS hunter primarily, although I do play in blue from time to time when i am deeding, doing some group content, ETC. I ONLY run yellow in the Ettenmoors. To me it is more of a crowd control spec and is really only useful to me in the Moors. At the moment I REALLY like the Nadhin set. If you have the means to get the slotted armour I HIGHLY recommend it. You can spec your gear (for the most part) how you would like your toon to play (Tanky VS DPSy hunter)

As a hunter Agility is your BEST FRIEND as you can see from the pictures I posted my Agility is VERY high. PER LOTRO WIKI: "Agility increases a character's ability to evade and parry incoming attacks, and increases the chance to critically hit a foe. For Beornings, Burglars, Hunters, and Wardens, Agility also increases weapon damage." for every 1 point of agility you get 8 points Physical Mastery, 1 point to Critical Rating, 3 for Evade and 2 for Parry. I have also found Tomes to be VERY helpful. My toon is currently at Rank 14 for Agility and Vitality and Rank 4 on Fate.

Some hunters prefer to use Physical Mastery Essences instead of Agility. I personally prefer Agility over Physical Mastery because I gain Vitality as well from Supreme Agility Essences. For every point of Vitality you get 3 points to Max Morale, 2 to Resistance Rating, and 7.2 to Non-Combat Morale Regen. Another Stat that i have found VERY useful to hunter is Fate. Fate increases hunter IN-COMBAT Power AND Morale regen. Which as you know by now if you play a hunter.... hunters are POWER EATERS. So anyway we can regen power faster in combat is great by me ;)

Mitigations (BOTH Physical AND Tactical) are another big one for hunters (from what i have learned playing a hunter) They help to reduce incoming damage taken. I have also seen ALOT of hunters use Critical Defence essences on their armor. I have not PERSONALLY used them but I know that they can help as well in reducing damage. I get a bit of critical defence from Supreme Critical Rating Essences. I also gain a little from my LI titles as well.

Tactical Mastery/Tactical damage arent really neccessary (in my opinion) for hunters we are built for Ranged Damage so there is really no need to focus on your tactical mastery. Morale Essences are also great. I have found that anywhere around 18-22K is a good amount of Morale for lvl 100-105 hunters. (maybe even closer to 25K with the newer content) It gives you enough of a cushion to be able to withstand some of the BIGGER hits and reflects.

As far as traits go the MAIN traits that are good for hunter are Agility based ones (Determination, Tolerance and Mercy). I have those 3 traited as well as a few for more Morale and Mitigation. (Zeal, Tolerance, Innocence, Determination, and Mercy is my full line up as you can see from the pictures) (Pardon my LOWWWW Virtues LOL)

If you refer to the images below you will see the armour, essences, jewelery and weapons (LIs show legacies as well) that I use in my hunter build. keep in mind that EVERY hunter is different and everyone you talk to will have different ideas as to how to spec/play etc.

All around hunters are a GREAT class to play for beginners as you can learn as you play them and tailor them to your liking. As I have said before there is no right or wrong way to play any class as long as you are enjoying yourself and middle earth you can't go wrong =) If anyone has any questions PLEASE feel free to ask. I am always willing to help anyone who needs it.

Happy Huntering ;)

<3 Arderien
"Theres a hard life for every silver spoon there's a touch of gray for every shade of blue. That's the way that I see life if there was nothing wrong there would be nothing right." -Brent Smith (Shinedown)
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