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New and IMPROVED Hunter Class Strategy Guide!

Hey guys Ard here!<3After seeing what an AWESOME little guide Gresco threw together for his beorning tank I figured it is about time i do one for my DPS spec'd hunter. =)As with any game there is no RIGHT OR WRONG way of spec'ing any toon. As l...
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Guardian Tanking

I need help with guardian tanking. I need some advice (stares at G). Keep in mind that I'm level 76 with all DPS traits.1. Does every ability = a taunt/build threat, etc.?2. What's the best way to start the pull?3. What's the best rotation? Run i...
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Been playing the Rune-keeper and I just can't decide between fire and lighting been going back and forth. My question is there a big difference between the two?
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Champion Question

Ok so Champs quick question.....What is your favorite/Least Favorite trait line and why? What are your go to skills/tanking strategies? I have a friend who plays a yellow line champ and he seems to like it alot. I am trying to learn a little bit a...
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Favorite Class to play

Hey guys just curious, What is everyone's favorite class to play and why?My favorite so far (of the classes i have tried) is either Warden or Minstrel I love the fact that Wardens are so versatile. I also like the challenge presented with memorizi...
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Guardian Pressure

Are there any Guardians here who feel pressured to tank just because you're a Guardian? I enjoy the Guard in a DPS role because it's fun and easy leveling. But I have no desire to tank. Yes, I know. I should have made a Champion. But the time...
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